Lateral Accessory Lobe (LAL) and Ventral Protocerebrum (VPC) Regions

Original data

Gray scale image: 956x978x154 (144MB)

Extracted LAL-VPC regions

Extracted region image (by Dr. Shigehiro Namiki) : ExtractedLAL-VPC.tif (144MB)

LAL-VPC regions on Gray image

Overlapped extracted LAL regions on gray scale image: LAL-VPConGray.tif (432MB)

LAL-VPC subregions

lower LAL (lLAL): lLAL.tif (144MB), lLALedge.tif (144MB)
upper LAL (uLAL): uLAL.tif (144MB), uLALedge.tif (144MB)
inner VPC (iVPC): iVPC.tif (144MB), iVPCedge.tif (144MB)
outer VPC (oVPC): oVPC.tif (144MB), oVPCedge.tif (144MB)
anterior inner VPC (aiVPC): aiVPC.tif (144MB), aiVPCedge.tif (144MB)

Registered regions on the standard brain

lower LAL: original (208MB), flipped (208MB)
upper LAL: original (208MB), flipped (208MB)
inner VPC: original (208MB), flipped (208MB)
outer VPC: original (208MB), flipped (208MB)
anterior inner VPC: original (208MB), flipped (208MB)

3D Surface model (Wavefront .obj format)

lower LAL: LAL1.obj (561KB), LAL1.mtl (4KB), LAL1_flip.obj (561KB), LAL1_flip.mtl (4KB)
upper LAL: LAL2.obj (782KB), LAL2.mtl (4KB), LAL2_flip.obj (782KB), LAL2_flip.mtl (4KB)
inner VPC: LAL3.obj (201KB), LAL3.mtl (4KB), LAL3_flip.obj (201KB), LAL3_flip.mtl (4KB)
outer VPC: LAL4.obj (180KB), LAL4.mtl (4KB), LAL4_flip.obj (180KB), LAL4.mtl (4KB)
anterior inner VPC:
LAL5.obj (119KB), LAL5.mtl (4KB), LAL5_flip.obj (119KB), LAL5_flip.mtl (4KB)

Neurons Associated With the Flip-Flop Activity in the Lateral Accessory Lobe and Ventral Protocerebrum of the Silkworm Moth Brain, Masaaki Iwano, Evan S. Hill, Akio Mori,Tatsuya Mishima, Tsuneko Mishima, Kei Ito and Ryohei Kanzaki, J. Comp. Neurol. 518:366 –388, 2010.

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