The deutocerebrum is a bilaterally symmetrical brain region that consists of the antennal lobe and the dorsal lobe. The antennal lobe receives the axons of olfactory receptor neurons from the antenna . In at least some insects such as flies and moths, the antennal lobe also receives olfactory receptor axons from the labium. The dorsal lobe receives mechanosensory and gustatory receptor neurons from the antenna and also contains the motor neurons controlling the antennal muscles. The dorsal lobe is called antennal mechanosensory and motor center (AMMC) in some insects. For flies, this name may be retained because they differ from almost all other insects in not having an antennal gustatory system. The anntennal nerve is carrying all sensory axons from the antenna to the deutocerebrum and also contains efferent neurons, in particular the motor neurons of the pedicellus muscles. Generally, a second nerve emanates from beneath the antennal lobe that contains the axons of the motor neurons of the scapus muscles, which are located in the head capsule.

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