Invertebrate Sensory System

Scanning migrographs of inverbetrates of antenna. Sensory hairs for olfaction and taste are shown. Providers (*) have copyright for images and documents.

アゲハ個眼の多様性 まとめ

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Taxon : Papilio
Region/Behavior : Ommatidium
Image : Yes
Additional data : No
Memo : ナミアゲハ 個眼多様性
Upload to PF : ローカル

Laboratory : Laboratory of Neuroethology
Data input : Koshitaka Input date : 2012-04-04
File author : arikawa File creation date :
Data revision : Arikawa K (2003) Spectral organization of the eye of a butterfly, Papilio. Journal of Comparative Physiology a-Neuroethology Sensory Neural and Behavioral Physiology 189:791-800
Revision date : 2012-03-26

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