Invertebrate Sensory System

Scanning migrographs of inverbetrates of antenna. Sensory hairs for olfaction and taste are shown. Providers (*) have copyright for images and documents.

ナミアゲハ LMCと視細胞

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Synapse-like contacts between photoreceptors and LMCs (L). a,b: R3 and R4 have the contact sites on the surface of their axons (arrowheads), opposite which are electron-dense LMC profiles (but uncertain in b). Thin processes penetrate into the terminals and are surrounded by many membrane vesicles (arrows). c,d: R1, R2 and R5-R8 also have such contacts with LMCs (arrowheads). Scale bars = 1 μm.
Taxon : ナミアゲハ
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Memo : Papilio xuthus, lamina, large monopolar cell, photoreceptor
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Laboratory : Laboratory of Neuroethology
Data input : Koshitaka Input date : 2012-04-24
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