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Invertebrate Brain Gallery

Photographs of invertebrates of 6 phyla, 35 orders and 47 species and those of their central nervous systems are presented, with brief explanations of their characteristics. Providers (Prof. Makoto Mizunami et al.) have copyright for images and documents.

Bombyx Brain and Neurons

Experimental data, such as confocal images by laser scanning microscope and electrical responses to the pheromone stimulus are presented. Providers (Prof. Ryohei Kanzaki et al.) have copyright for images and documents.

Invertebrate Behavior Movie Files

Movie and image data of invertebrate animals are presented by this database. It can be used for educational fields. Providers have copyright for contents.

Application software

Information and URL for application software can be used in the invertebrate neuroethology are presented.

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Fly Brain and Neurons
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