Science classroom mateial for elecentary, junior high and high school
Science classroom introduces the general biology (morphology, taxonomy, and evolution) of insects and the capabilities of insect sensory systems in comparison to humans. Attention is also drawn to the wide variety of environments that insects have populated and the adaptations that have evolved to adjust to these environments, in particular in terms of sensory systems. Simple demonstation experiments using the silkmoth are described to get hands-on experience in stuying and understanding mechanisms of sensory systems and the control of behavior through the nervous system.

Science workshop for junior high and high school teachers
Science workshop offers material for preparing classes and lectures on the subject of animal behavior and it origin bases on the function of sensory systems and the brain. The workshop also includes a number of protocols for experiments using pheromone orientation in silkmoths that lead to a basic understanding of sensory systems, central nervous systems (brain), and behavior, as well as experimental methodology. Also included is a detailed description for constructing inexpensive amplifiers for recording basic biolelectric events such a electromyograms. Experiments involving recordings from flight muscles are proposed for classroom work to relate the basic principles of electrophysiology. A more advanced topic shows how to interface bioelectric signals to control devices such as a toy car (Choro Q) to introduce the principles of operation of brain-machine interfaces (BMI). Such interfaces are beginning to become a mainstream technology.

Biology education in collaboration with junior high and high school teachers
The content includes on-line textbooks offered by junior high and high school teachers. The textbooks about experiments of insect sensory systems and behavior, which are currently used in junior high and high school education are being registered into the databases.

Collaboration with museum
In collaboration with the Kashihara City Insectarium, we intend to provide a gallery of brain images of all insectsreared by the insectarium. The gallery also includes samples of numerous other species that are provided by researchers.

Construction methods of mearuring devices
The content includes the construction methods of devices to measure insect behaviors, activities of muscle or nerves.

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