Invertebrate Sensory System

Scanning migrographs of inverbetrates of antenna. Sensory hairs for olfaction and taste are shown. Providers (*) have copyright for images and documents.

ナミアゲハ 視細胞

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R3・4 in cartridge.png
R3 and R4 green receptors. a, b) Transverse view of an R3 in the lamina. c) An R3 terminating at the proximal border of the lamina (arrowhead). d) An R3 with a slightly shorter axon, terminating at ca 80 % of the total thickness of the lamina. Scale = 5 μm (a, b), 10 μm (c, d).
Taxon : Papilio
Region/Behavior : Ommatidium
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Additional data : No
Memo : Papilio xuthus, lamina, lateral projection
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Laboratory : Laboratory of Neuroethology
Data input : Koshitaka Input date : 2012-04-24
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