Call for Papers of ICCPB2011

 May 31 - June 5, 2011
 Organized by IACPB, JSCPB and SCJ
 Supported by the COJWE ('70)
 In cooperation with JNTO


We are pleased to invite you to present a poster in the 8th International Congress on Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry (ICCPB 2011), which will be held in June in Nagoya, Japan. For presenting a poster, you need to submit an abstract. A participant is allowed to present only one poster as the presenting author, but can be listed as coauthors of multiple posters.

Abstracts should be written in English and have a title, name(s) of the author(s) and their affiliation(s), followed by the text of less than 200 words. The abstract should be formatted in a style close to the sample attached. When typing your abstract, please use the Word file "Abstract_Template" attached, and the Word file should be converted to a PDF file for submission. Any non-PDF file will NOT be accepted. The file name should begin with the first and last name of the presenting author, which should be followed by the number of the research area (select only one number from C1 through C14 listed in the following Covered Research Areas in ICCPB2011). An example of the file name is "John.Kennedy.C13.pdf". The poster presentations will be clustered by the numbers into subgroups of space and time for presentation.

NOTE: The size of posters should not be larger than the size of the board (900 mm (W)×1900 mm (H)), thus A0 size (841mm wide ×1189mm height) would be recommended. Poster presenters should adhere to this size requirement, otherwise the poster might be subjected to removal.

Covered Research Areas in ICCPB2011 (Please select only one):

 C1 ) Adaptations to Environmental Factors
 C2 ) Biomimetics and Bioinformatics
 C3 ) Cardiovascular, Respiratory and pH Regulation
 C4 ) Cellular and Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
 C5 ) Energy Metabolism and Nutrition
 C6 ) Evolution and Development
 C7 ) Developmental and Comparative Immunology
 C8 ) Motile Systems and Locomotion
 C9 ) Neurobiology and Neurochemistry
 C10) Neuroendocrinology and Hormones
 C11) Neuroethology, Behavioral Neuroscience
 C12) Osmoregulation, Renal and Epithelial Transport
 C13) Photobiology and Chronobiology
 C14) Sensory Physiology

Abstract submission deadline: April 15, 2011

The submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the local program committee. Pre-registration (including the payment of the fee: the deadline is April 15, 2011) is the condition of acceptance of the abstracts. Accepted abstracts will be combined into a single PDF file and distributed to all participants.

The abstract file (PDF file) should be sent by e-mail as an attached file to:

Secretariat of ICCPB2011
c/o JTB Event & Convention Service
JTB Support Chubu, Inc
Phone: +81-52-541-2521 Fax: +81-52-541-2520


Symposium speakers are also requested to send their abstracts by e-mail in the same style described as above. The file name should begin with your first and last name, which should be followed by the symposium number. An example of the file name is "John.Kennedy.S22.pdf".
The abstracts can be submitted to either the Secretariat of ICCPB2011 (E-mail: or the symposium organizer(s), who should send the collected abstracts to the Secretariat. In either case, the abstracts should reach the Secretariat no later than April 15, 2011 (The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to the end of March). Please consult with the organizer(s) as to where you should submit your abstract.

ICCPB2011 abstract sample


Information.pngDownload ICCPB2011 abstract sample:Dl.pngPDF

Information.pngDownload ICCPB2011 abstract template:Dl.pngWORD