PlenarySpeakers of ICCPB2011

 May 31 - June 5, 2011
 Organized by IACPB, JSCPB and SCJ
 Supported by the COJWE ('70)
 In cooperation with JNTO


              Masahiro Sokabe.png
       President Lecture
        (June 1,2011)

Masahiro Sokabe, Ph.D.

Professor & Chair Department of Physiology Nagoya University, Graduate School of Medicine, Japan

Talk title
”Comparative Biophysics and Physiology of Cell Mechanosensing: from passive to active touch”


              Patrick Butler.png
       Plenary Speaker 1
        (June 2,2011)

Patrick Butler, Ph.D.

Professor of Comparative Physiology, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham, UK

Talk title
“From the laboratory to the field: the physiology of wild animals”


              Makoto Asashima.png
       Plenary Speaker 2
        (June 3,2011)

Makoto Asashima, Ph.D.

Fellow and Director of Research Center for Stem Cell Engineering National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Japan

Talk title
“Control of organogenesis and cell differentiation in vertebrates”


              John G. Hildebrand.png
       Plenary Speaker 3
        (June 4,2011)

John G. Hildebrand, Ph.D.

Regents Professor and Head Department of Neuroscience University of Arizona USA

Talk title
“Learning from Insect Brains: Explorations of a ‘Simple’ Olfactory System”


              Roy E. Weber.png
       Plenary Speaker 4
        (June 5,2011)

Roy E. Weber, Ph.D.

Professor of Zoophysiology, Institute of Biological Sciences, Aarhus University, Denmark

Talk title
“Hemoglobin - Adaptations to environmental and metabolic constraints, with special reference to temperature as modulating effector”