Travel Award of ICCPB2011

 May 31 - June 5, 2011
 Organized by IACPB, JSCPB and SCJ
 Supported by the COJWE ('70)
 In cooperation with JNTO

Young Investigator Travel Award

The ICCPB2011 local organizing committee has now prepared a fund for Young Investigators Travel Award. We have decided that the money should be distributed evenly to all member societies* of IACPB. A qualified person has a chance to receive ca. USD 800-1,200 depending on the condition, except for the member of JSCPB (JPY 20,000-40,000) in Japan. Japanese young investigators in foreign countries can also get ca. USD 800-1,200 for their travel to Japan.

Award will be presented by Japanese yen during the conference.

Qualification: The applicant should be younger than 35 at the date of the deadline (March 31, 2011) of application, and belong to one of the member societies*. It is strongly recommended that the applicant should have completed the registration and abstract submission for ICCPB2011 by April 15, 2011. Still the applicants and awardees should complete the registration and abstract submission by April 15, 2011.

Documents required for application:
 1. CV with publication list.
 2. A copy of the Abstract submitted to ICCPB2011 (max. 200 words).
 3. Background and Significance of the job on the abstract (max.500 words).

These documents should be sent (as attached PDF files) to the corresponding person of each member society of IACPB listed below by the deadline (April 15, 2011).

*List of Member Societies of IACPB and corresponding persons

ANZSCPB: Australia & New Zealand Society of CPB:  Dr. Peter Frappell
CEPS: American Physiological Society/Comparative & Evolutionary Physiology Section: Dr. David Goldstein
CSZ: Canadian Society of Zoologists:  Dr. Greg Goss
DZG: Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft:  Dr. Thorsten Burmester
ESCPB: European Society of CPB:  Dr. Reinhard Dallinger
JSCPB: Japanese Society for CPB:  Dr. Osamu Koizumi
PPS: Polish Physiological Society:  Dr. Pawel Koteja
SASCPB: South American Society for CPB:  Dr. Carlos Navas
SDP: Society de Physiologists:  Dr. Marc Zelter
SEB: Society for Experimental Biology:  Dr. Tobias Wang
SICB/CPB:  Society for Integrative & Comparative Biology/Division of CPB: Dr. Pat Walsh